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I.P.E Espresso Blend

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  • Roast : Medium-Dark
  • Notes : Caramel, Whiskey, Lavender


Deep, Earthy, & Spirited
Crafted to pull the most delicious espresso shot, this is a blend sourced from the very best certified organic coffees from South America, Indonesia, and Africa. This blend holds a nuanced flavor profile and structure. It is medium to full-bodied and yields a rich caramel flavor with hints of herbaceous notes followed with an oaky aftertaste, like that of whiskey.


Our I.P.E blend is the result of many experiments of roasting, blending, and brewing. We’ve perfected our method to serve you with the best. With luscious crema, smooth body, and a touch of lavender for brightness; this is one charming espresso.

Dessert Complements

Our I.P.E blend pairs perfectly with desserts that are heavy and rich in flavor, like a flourless chocolate cake glazed with chocolate ganache. The rich and creamy mouthfeel of bittersweet cocoa complements the deep, dark, and smoky flavor profile of our espresso blend.


I.P.E Espresso Blend

Recommended Brewing Method:

For a full in-depth coffee experience, we recommend using the Moka Pot brewing method.
Creates an intense, heavy coffee that amplifies every characteristic.



Best Decaf Espresso Beans need processing to get Caffeine removed

The requirement not to have the effects of caffeine from drinking coffee has encouraged the sector’s surge in decaffeinated coffee. Nevertheless, drinking decaf doesn't mean missing the rich taste, aroma, or quality.  If the caffeine is uninvolved correctly, it should taste the same as caffeinated coffee. There are many ways caffeine can be uninvolved in coffee beans.  Best decaf espresso beans are not the usual way coffee grows, so beans need to be processed to remove the caffeine.  Some methods use chemicals, while other methods use the more organic natural method.

Kind of decaffeinated coffee one should select. The process of removing caffeine occurs when the beans are green and raw. To make the best choice in liking personal preferences, you are required to understand the numerous scientific procedures used by the coffee sector.  Swiss water decaffeination usually always uses high-quality best decaf espresso beans. Thus, a more expensive price tag replicates the higher-quality product. Fundamentally you get what you pay for. The process does not use chemicals. 

I.P.E Espresso Blend
I.P.E Espresso Blend
I.P.E Espresso Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
William Johnson
Great espresso blend

After you’ve tried the rest, try IPE. It’s the real deal.

Lora Elgin
Rich and smooth

We have switched back to the espresso blend after making our own blend from 3 different medium roast beans. It is smooth and delicious with bitterness.

Won goo Lee

I.P.E Espresso Blend

Mark Fox
I.P.E. Espresso Blend

I have not opened it yet

Darren Cole
Love this coffee

Purchased a bag when passing through New York, loved it so much I ordered three different bags from the website…soon we will order more all of our friends love it, and now say they can’t drink their coffee at home anymore. Amazing coffee