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COLOMBIA, Dark Roast

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  • Origin : Colombia
  • Process : Washed, Sun-Dried
  • Roast : Dark
  • Notes : Cocoa, Nuts, Blackberry
  • Harvest : March to July, September to December


Looking for a more vivid, stronger-bodied coffee with a classic Colombian flavor?  Our Colombian dark roast coffee amplifies a rustic sweetness. It is characterized by having smoky notes of cocoa and dark fruit, while still holding a well-balanced body and acidity.


Colombia is home to dozens of micro-climates across thousands of miles. There are thousands of nutrient-dense hills and mountains made of small farms that are about 5 acres in size, tended by single-family coffee farmers. In addition to the rich soil, the wet climate and high elevation not only make it easy to grow coffee but makes it easy to grow quality coffee. Because of frequent rains, most coffee processing stations use the washed method, resulting in coffee with crisp acidity, mild sweetness, and flavor clarity. There are about 600,000 coffee-producing farmers and 2.2 million acres of land growing high-end arabica coffee beans.


Coffee was first brought to Colombia in the early 1700s by Jesuit priests who arrived with Spanish settlers. They harvested the first crop in the Northeast part of Colombia. Coffee spread quickly across the nation, adopted by small, family farms as a local cash crop. Commercial export of coffee didn’t occur until the first decade of the 1800s. In the mid-1800s, coffee consumption grew rapidly in the United States, France, and Germany which grew the coffee-producing market in Colombia.
In Colombia, coffee is the symbol of wealth and diversity and a major influence in Colombian culture. For many Colombians, drinking coffee isn’t just to kick-start their mornings. It is a form of social activity, catching up with friends and family.



Dessert Complements

Colombian coffee pairs beautifully with any chocolate, but more so with white chocolate. The bold smoky notes in the coffee blend in with the light sweetness in the chocolate creating a harmony of flavor. It also is a good pairing with wheat and whole-grain bread.

Interesting Facts

  • Colombia is the 3rd largest coffee-growing country worldwide.
  • Coffee harvesting in Colombia is distinct, they use a Colombian process known as 'cherry-picking' - farmers hand-pick each cherry and only pick the fully ripe ones. 

Dark Roast Colombian Coffee has balanced acidity and sweetness

We’ll get comparable Colombian coffee as a crowd-pleaser. Good-value Colombia dark roast coffee has caramel, nuts, and chocolate flavors. It is more like you can compare to Brazilian coffees, but this has more acidity. Acidity in a decent quality coffee offers it an exciting and invigorating taste. We cannot compare dark roast Colombian coffee acidity with soreness. Acidity is what you relish from pineapple or apple, whereas sourness is the unfriendly taste you get when you eat fruits that aren't ready. Since Colombian coffee companies have a toned solid profile flavor, it makes an ideal coffee for mass production. Their acidity, sweetness, and body balance make Colombian dark roast coffee the perfect option for espresso and blends.

Colombia doesn't just offer full-bodied Colombia dark roast coffee; they have diverse flavors. You can find exciting and fruity flavors like berries and coffees with a floral hint. So, you see why Colombian coffee is so prevalent? They have to offer something for everyone. Colombian coffee has a medium or dark roast Colombian coffee to make rich espresso blends. Coffee roast isn't connected to the growth of coffee. Colombian coffee companies are famous for their coffee beans which can be roasted to Colombian dark roast coffee, light or medium roast according to preference. You can select roast to get in progress on the tangible Colombian coffee experience.

COLOMBIA, Dark Roast
COLOMBIA, Dark Roast
COLOMBIA, Dark Roast

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

A bit better than mediocre. Not dark roast at all. Starbucks is better. Brooklyn Roasters is better.

Robert McElwee
Just plain good consistent coffee

Always fresh roasted, well packed and really good coffee. Shipping is prompt and I will keep drinking this coffee because when you find a winner hang with it.

Michael Berger
Should have stuck with Sumatra

Not robust!!!!!!!!!!

Meg K
Chefs kiss.

Great body, super flavorful, nutty with a hint of chocolate.

Gustaf Leksell
My favorite

Lovely for french press!