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SUMATRA, Medium Roast

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  • Origin : Raja Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Process : Wet-Hulling
  • Roast : Medium
  • Notes : Chocolate, Sweet Cedar, and Pepper
  • Harvest : September to December


Displays intense sweet tones of chocolate, dried fruit, and other herbal spice-based flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. It is known for its earthy flavors, medium to heavy body, and wine-like acidity.


One of the unique aspects of coffee production in Sumatra, Indonesia, and the source of Indonesian coffee's deeply divisive taste, is the traditional post-harvest process of ‘Giling Basah’ (wet-hulling) method. The harvested coffee cherries are de-pulped by hand and dried on a patio for a few days. When the beans are semi-dried, containing around 30% to 50% moisture, it is passed on to a collector who puts them through a hulling machine while the beans are still moist to then finally set them on patios to dry for a couple more days. This hybrid process combines elements of the washed and natural processes. It significantly reduces the acidity of the coffee, and seems to increase its body too, creating a softer, rounder, heavier-bodied cup of coffee.  
In Sumatra, coffees are grown at high elevations - above 1,350 meters above sea level, to slow the growing process to allow the plant more time to deliver nutrients and minerals to the coffee beans. This fuels the process of developing a fuller, robust flavor in Sumatran coffee.




Coffee was brought to Indonesia in the late 1600s by Dutch traders and colonialists. Being a nation of thousands of islands, it was first grown in an island called Java which is home to the city, Jakarta. Many plantations were developed all around the city by 1699 and began the first major commercial export by 1711. Java became one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. Not long after Sumatra had a booming industry as well as dozens of other smaller islands. 

Dessert Complements

Thanks to its spicy, herbal flavor and rich smooth texture. Sumatran coffee makes a wonderful pairing with sweet and creamy desserts. Try a cup of medium roast Sumatran coffee with a spoon of creme brulee, banana pudding, or a new york cheesecake. It is a match made in heaven.




Sumatran Coffee has a unique processing method for Its Signature Flavour

Sumatra medium roast coffee has a characteristic earthy taste that strappingly divides opinion between those who love it and those who don't. Sumatran coffee comes from Sumatra and has a uniquely Indonesian processing method to give it its signature flavor. Sumatra is Arabica coffee produced in Indonesia, the third-largest coffee-producing country globally. Indonesia is a collection of islands that overlap the equator on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Its hot climate and fertile volcanic soil are perfect conditions for growing Sumatran coffee, but it is not native to this area.

The Dutch East India Company brought coffee seedlings to the islands. There was a stage where Java was one and the same with coffee, but the characteristic taste of Sumatra medium roast coffee has overtaken it, and it's now the better-known of the two areas. More than 90% of Sumatra coffee beans are produced on small farms cooperating with organized associations to sell their coffee beans and split the profits.

SUMATRA, Medium Roast
SUMATRA, Medium Roast
SUMATRA, Medium Roast

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Akash Patel
The perfect cup of coffee

Just tried the Sumatra Medium Roast, it is the perfect cup of coffee to start your morning.

Daryl DeJoy
Mellow, great taste

Sumatran medium roast is my favorite bean and this one did not disappoint. Smooth, low acidity and great flavor, I'll be buying again!

Michael A
smooth, easy all day coffee.

my past experience with sumatra coffees left me with the impression of strong slightly syrupy cups that were occasional treats - not everyday drinkers. Browny has sent me a different animal here. very tasty and so smooth/even sweet. I make a pot for the afternoon and every cup is a delight. so easy to drink.

Sumatra medium roast

It's tasty and , however I didn't like the sour taste.
So, I preferred the Sumatra dark roast which met my flavor.

Thank you so much, I'll order and order the Sumatra dark roast every time.

Great coffee

This is my very favorite coffee of all time.