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ETHIOPIA, Dark Roast

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    • Origin : Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    • Process : Washed, Sun-Dried
    • Roast : Dark
    • Notes : Lemon, Honey, Mango
    • Harvest : November to February


    Compared to our medium roast ethiopian coffee, our dark roast boasts smoky and caramel flavors. It contains a more bold and rich body, while still giving a slight fruity note in the aftertaste.  

    Ethiopian washed coffees are more elegant, lighter, and drier on the palate than naturally processed coffees. The body is not too strong and has an almost tea-like delicacy which reveals a mild and pleasant acidity. 

    Ethiopia is the region located between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. It is the perfect region endowed with mild temperatures and plenty of rain. The lush vegetation in Ethiopia allows farmers to grow their coffee trees without having to plant additional trees to provide shade. In fact, the coffee-growing conditions are so good that agricultural chemicals are rarely needed.

    The history of Ethiopian coffee is different compared to the other countries that have well-documented, recorded coffee histories. The story of Ethiopian coffee begins with a legend. It all started around 850 AD with a young goat herder named Kaldi. It began when he found his goats acting strange and unusually excited after eating the small berries off a shrub. In curiosity, he ate a few berries and felt energized. He knew the berries were special and immediately grabbed a pocket full of berries and took them to the monks in the monastery at Lake Tana. The monks reacted negatively throwing the berries into the fire and exclaiming it to be “Devils work!” However, the berries roasting in the fire gave off an irresistibly pleasant aroma. In amazement, the monks started to experiment with the coffee seeds soaking it in hot water to preserve the flavors. Drinking the coffee, they experienced the energy it gave them and vowed to drink it daily for their nightly devotions. 

    Coffee still stands to be an important aspect of daily life for the locals in Ethiopia. It is part of their core cultural tradition to have a ‘coffee ceremony’ which is a social experience where the host harvests, roasts, brews cups of coffee for people to gather and enjoy a good coffee time. There is even a phrase in a local language that translates to “coffee is our bread”.

    Dessert Pairings to Try

    Ethiopia coffee makes a delicious combination with light fruit desserts such as a lemon pound cake, strawberry shortcake, or a blueberry muffin. The floral and bright acidity of Ethiopian coffee makes a perfect pair with chocolate, especially milk chocolate. This will bring out its notes of wine. 

     Interesting Facts

    • Ethiopia grows the most coffee in Africa, producing 846,575,000 pounds of coffee per year.
    • The climate in Ethiopia is ideal, the warm, tropical climate with moderate wet and dry seasons allows the coffee plants to be harvested without using agricultural chemicals. 

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