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COLOMBIA, Medium Roast

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  • Origin : Colombia
  • Process : Washed, Sun-dried
  • Roast : Medium
  • Notes : Cocoa, Nuts, Blackberry
  • Harvest : March to July, September to December


Respected for its excellent balance of body and acidity. It yields a heady aroma followed by rich flavors of caramel and dark cocoa, then finished with some fruity notes of berries and hints of spice.


Colombia is home to dozens of micro-climates across thousands of miles. There are thousands of nutrient-dense hills and mountains made of small farms that are about 5 acres in size, tended by single-family coffee farmers. In addition to the rich soil, the wet climate and high elevation not only make it easy to grow coffee but makes it easy to grow quality coffee. Because of frequent rains, most coffee processing stations use the washed method, resulting in coffee with crisp acidity, mild sweetness, and flavor clarity. There are about 600,000 coffee-producing farmers and 2.2 million acres of land growing high-end arabica coffee beans.


Coffee was first brought to Colombia in the early 1700s by Jesuit priests who arrived with Spanish settlers. They harvested the first crop in the Northeast part of Colombia. Coffee spread quickly across the nation, adopted by small, family farms as a local cash crop. Commercial export of coffee didn’t occur until the first decade of the 1800s. In the mid-1800s, coffee consumption grew rapidly in the United States, France, and Germany which grew the coffee-producing market in Colombia.
In Colombia, coffee is the symbol of wealth and diversity and a major influence in Colombian culture. For many Colombians, drinking coffee isn’t just to kick-start their mornings. It is a form of social activity, catching up with friends and family.



Dessert Complements

Colombian coffee pairs beautifully with any chocolate, but more so with white chocolate. The bold smoky notes in the coffee blend in with the light sweetness in the chocolate creating a harmony of flavor. It also is a good pairing with wheat and whole-grain bread.

Interesting Facts

  • Colombia is one of the only countries in the world that only grows Arabica coffee beans.
  • Colombian soil has all the soil qualities for a perfect coffee. The soil is volcanic but also gets a range of 80 inches of rain a year.

Colombian Medium Roast Coffee no doubt is quality for mass enjoyment

Colombian coffee is coffee that has been grown in various geographic locations within the country. It is not its own assortment of coffee beans. Colombian coffee is valued for its exceptional flavor and aroma as almost all the coffee grown is of the arabica variety. Coffee packets labeled as Colombian medium roast coffee may be a blend of various coffees from different or a single origin. Single-origin Colombian coffee is coffee produced by and noticeable from one single farm or cooperative in Colombia. Colombia is the third-highest producer of coffee after Brazil and Vietnam.

Coffee was probably first familiarized to Colombia by the Jesuits. The spread was slow and didn’t become noteworthy until the 19th century. In Colombia, Supremo and Excelso is an orientation to the size of the coffee bean. It has no relation to Colombian medium roast coffee quality or traceability to specific areas in Colombia. There’s no doubt about Colombian coffee's quality and mass enjoyment worldwide. Colombian coffees are tangible crowd-pleasers.

COLOMBIA, Medium Roast
COLOMBIA, Medium Roast
COLOMBIA, Medium Roast

Customer Reviews

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Geegi H
Browny Colombian Medium Roast, yummm!

It’s so good! Browny has great coffee. What a gem. I love Ethiopian medium roast, but thought I’d branch out a bit. I love the Colombian too! Thank you Browny!

Ellis' Harvest Home

We love this coffee!

Big b
I like coffee

It's pretty good I like it and I'm going to buy more.

Jenna Mallett
Good Columbian beans

Nice and easy. Bought for my dad who loves Columbian beans. He was happy with it! I like other mediums better personally, like Sumatra. But good none the less!

Patricia Bailey
Repeat customer

Great Coffee, great service too. I switch it up a bit and keep coming back. It’s my staple coffee source. Thanks